About Us

Founded in 2005 in Bellevue, Washington, we have provided growth capital to businesses in a wide range of industries throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Our debt investments have fueled our clients’ growth and ability to seek higher valuations in subsequent equity rounds, better positioning for events such as acquisitions, new product launches, new market entry or simply positioning them to transition to a new, traditional banking relationship.

As a privately funded lender, we pride ourselves on speed and flexibility as the needs of no two companies are alike.  In most situations we provide our potential clients an answer in a matter of days, not weeks or months.  While we are more flexible than a traditional bank, we do maintain strict lending criteria.

Our typical clients range in sales up to $50 million and are not in distress.  They are either profitable or can demonstrate a clear path to profitability.  Double-digit growth is very common among our borrowers who can also provide both company collateral and personal guarantees.  We are strictly a commercial and industrial lender and do not cater to real estate markets.